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01 January
Mag Retelewski

As we descended for landing, the cabin lights turned purple-pink, and my daughter squealed with delight…

When I travel, I try to stay at #Kimpton Hotels as much as possible. It’s fair to say they’ve won my brand loyalty—but not because their pillows are great or the room service is quick and tasty (though they are). It’s because they take advantage of every opportunity to customize my hotel experience specifically for me.

Kimpton takes a few basic data points about me, such as my preferences and other important dates and milestones, and uses them as opportunities to provide a variety of small surprises and delights to enhance my experience.

For example, during my recent stay with my two … Continue Reading

26 February
Mag Retelewski

How to Measure Return On Investment

Last year Clarteza was approached to provide a point of view on Return on Investment (a.k.a. ROI) as it relates to restaurants. We believe, that  ROI is an important issue for any business so we decided to write this piece.

Marketing ROI continues to be one of the most complicated and difficult things to measure, giving those who know how to effectively do it a major competitive advantage. Technology and sophisticated statistical tools play an important and costly role in the ability to effectively measure and predict the ROI but the fundamentals of a marketing mix remain the same. And a … Continue Reading