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24 September
Mag Retelewski

2012 Cannes Lions Creativity Conference: A Lesson In “Keeping It Real”

This year’s Cannes Creativity Conference was the busiest ever: 11,000 delegates from around the world overflowing the halls of the auditorium, theaters and award shows, with everyone eager to learn and network.

For those not as familiar with this event, the Cannes Creativity Conference is the crème de la crème of advertising conferences. The most aspiring, entrepreneurial, deserving, over-achieving, bright and talented people attend. Everyone learns from each other, relationships are built, and great speakers and coaches share their knowledge and wisdom. And of course, there are celebrities and former heads of state –the most notable presentation this year was given … Continue Reading

02 February
Mag Retelewski

From Gray to Clear: The User Generated Content and Navigating Social Media

As marketers increase the ad spend on social network marketing and encourage marketing departments to spend more time on engaging and interacting with the consumer, it is becoming more essential to understand how new marketing channels fit within the customer experience ecosystem for the brand.  Let’s start by clearing up some of the buzz around user-generated and social media.  

Gray: “User-generated content means I’m losing control of my brand.”

It’s true that brands and companies no longer have direct control over each piece of information swimming around in cyberspace, making many marketers and executives cringe at the prospects … Continue Reading

22 January
Mag Retelewski and Katy Gajewicz

If the Consumer is in the Driver’s Seat, How Do You Maintain Control of the Wheel?

In today’s digital world where the consumer is king, marketers are no-doubt challenged with navigating the tough road of brand development and coming to terms with a shifting balance in power.  With the rules of the road changing dramatically over the past few years, where real-time is the new time-frame, big companies are finding it particularly difficult to adapt.   If you find yourself nodding your head, here are five thoughts to help keep you, and your brands, on course:

1. It’s Okay to be a Little Naked: If the universal influx of reality TV didn’t give us a clue … Continue Reading