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03 November
Mag Retelewski

Fairness Matters. Especially if it Defines Your Business.

Oxford Dictionary definition of fairness is: “An impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination.” To me, it means everyone has the same opportunity to succeed and be treated equally.

This doesn’t mean that everyone gets what they want, it merely suggests that everyone has the same chance of reaching their goal. The individual performance will dictate whether they would succeed or not, if treated fairly.

In the last few years Clarteza has been involved in evaluating the role of dance in … Continue Reading

02 October
Katy Gajewicz and Mag Retelewski

2012 Social Media Week in Chicago Reveals… How to Turn Self-Absorption into Brand Advocacy

Picture yourself at a cocktail party filled with near-strangers.  What is the best way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know well?  Ask them about themselves.  Why? Because people are most connected to their own life experiences and therefore most likely to be engaged in a topic in which they play a central role.  Truth be told – people love to talk about themselves.

This is not only a great tip for the most socially-awkward among us, but it also has important implications for marketers dealing with the challenges and opportunities that social media presents.  It is this very … Continue Reading

22 January
Mag Retelewski and Katy Gajewicz

If the Consumer is in the Driver’s Seat, How Do You Maintain Control of the Wheel?

In today’s digital world where the consumer is king, marketers are no-doubt challenged with navigating the tough road of brand development and coming to terms with a shifting balance in power.  With the rules of the road changing dramatically over the past few years, where real-time is the new time-frame, big companies are finding it particularly difficult to adapt.   If you find yourself nodding your head, here are five thoughts to help keep you, and your brands, on course:

1. It’s Okay to be a Little Naked: If the universal influx of reality TV didn’t give us a clue … Continue Reading