industry thoughts from Clarteza

16 November
Mag Retelewski

How Design Thinking Enriches Our Process

At Clarteza, we are proud of the consistently creative and unique solutions we offer our clients. Part of our success lies in our process: We apply design thinking and team collaboration, building great solutions through small, iterative steps.

Design thinking is a method that allows a creative and adaptive process to discover the best solution. Our team have been proponents of this approach for several years, applying it in many different facets of our work. Because design thinking is integral to our process, we get the best solutions without losing time, money, or patience.

What is key in our approach is that our clients are an integral part of this process.

First, with the client, we define and express needs, problems, and goals, making sure we agree on the principles we gather from the data. From there, we research; then, as a team, we envision possibilities; we test our ideas both with our teams and with the customer; and then we reject, alter, expand, or refine ideas. With each iteration, we learn more, seeing the best goals and solutions more clearly. [Like a photographer focusing in on her subject, we develop a more complete picture of the end solution.]

We make sure our process works by sticking to three main points:

  • First, we ensure our process is iterative: that is, we take a step-by-step approach to the problem, constantly changing and developing different or new ideas and solutions.
    • Benefit: This allows us to become more targeted in our analysis and hone in on the most important direction to proceed in.
  • Second, we communicate regularly with our clients, stakeholders involved.
    • Benefit: By doing so, we make sure we understand what is needed of us in order to get the initial buy-in and to meet audience expectations.
  • Lastly, we adhere to resourceful agility by constantly developing and testing new possibilities, staying flexible and keeping our minds open as we achieve the best possible result for the client.
    • Benefit: This step comes most handy when the goal is clear but the path isn’t (which happens pretty often!). By adapting to customer feedback, changing our approaches depending on market conditions, and constantly tweaking our solutions, we can commit to a problem with a multiple-lens view to develop a more complete picture and end solution.

For us, design thinking is a part of our company – from its structure to its organization to the daily work we do – and that’s what makes our work so powerful, creative, and unique.

It is also a part of our core value of collaboration. By working together, remaining open to always learning, always seeing things anew, we focus on finding the most effective and efficient solutions for clients.