industry thoughts from Clarteza

17 March
Mag Retelewski

This year started with a Bang! The importance of perspective.

I’m a big believer in goals, in progress and in growth. Last year, I publicly listed a long list of goals I was going to accomplish and was planning to do a nice recap and reflection in early January. Except, things changed on January 4th , before I had a chance to write my blog.

I was skiing with my family in German Alps in breathtaking views and incredible mountains. I had an amazing time. One afternoon, as it was getting dark, I lost some perception of depth, and literally went off the cliff 7-10 meters, hitting my head first on impact. It was a terrifying experience as I heard my spine crack. I don’t remember all details, but it got dark and I lost consciousness for a bit. Everything happened so fast. When I got up, I looked around and started to move my body. I was so thankful that I didn’t break anything. I was a bit disoriented but got off the mountain on my own.

This was just part of the story, on January 3rd , just a day earlier, I got bitten in my forehead and my leg by what it seemed like, a venomous spider. This is what later the ER doctor said. I wasn’t going to go to the hospital but after my fall I felt as if I should.  As I went to the ER, the medical team kept asking if I wore a helmet because they couldn’t believe the big bump I had on my forehead, which I kept explaining, was from the spider bite (it was massive!). As you can imagine, everyone couldn’t quite believe that within these 24 hours I managed to get a concussion and on a skiing trip somehow, I got bitten by a spider in full winter!

As I was waiting for the tests in the hospital, this is when I was really humbled.  While I was there, people who were injured were lifted in helicopters because they broke their spines or they were in dire condition. It made me realize how lucky I truly was.

It took me weeks to recover, my headaches finally subsided, but at the time, I couldn’t really focus on writing, or even on perspective sharing.

It’s March now and since January people have been asking how I did on my goals. I was planning to write sooner but with my aforementioned adventure I had to get well enough to organize my thoughts. For those who didn’t read my post I had very ambitious personal and business goals last year from traveling the world to workouts, dance competitions, new clients and business capabilities.

I’m happy to report that I completed 17 out 21 goals. This was a big deal for me, but after the beginning of this year and the crazy concussion combined with a spider bite, I have a new perspective.

This year I will live fully and be true to myself. Reaching for my ambitious goals was great, but on those days where I want to simply be, I will enjoy those moments. I received a gift of a new perspective so I will cherish that.

This year onwards, I want to be the truest, fullest version of myself. The fusion of art, creativity, business, expression, drive, love for life…and yes imperfection. With that I will also spread the word of doing what brings you joy. I’m lucky enough that my work is very fulfilling. I get to play, experiment and try new things. Last year one of my newest solution is running a workshop “Creativity by design”.  This year I have completed a few of them and had so much fun!

We teach people through experiences how to unlock their intuitive thinking, be more creative and yes, gain new perspective. My secondary goal for this is to create an environment for people where they could be somebody else, enjoy a moment of doing something different and bringing joy to their life, even if it’s for 2-3 hours. Seeing people having so much fun, learning, experimenting, bonding with each other has been priceless. 

Teaching creativity by design is really teaching problem solving, and ability to be resourceful. This skill is useful in all facets of our lives.

I got new perspective at the beginning of the year and I spread the importance of gaining new perspective through joy inducing experiences.

I don’t know what this year will bring, but so far it has certainly been an adventure. One thing I know for sure.

Doing what feels right, feels so good! This must be because I do something that’s true to myself.