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02 January
Mag Retelewski

Get Inspired at the Start of the New Year!

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When we get inspired, we create. When we are relaxed, we are more creative. Here are some of my time-tested activities that have worked for me:

  • Expand your interests. Go to a library or a store and pick up a book or publication from an industry or genre that you would not normally explore. Even though random reading material may not seem relevant at first, I promise you if you give it a chance you’ll learn something you’ll be able to apply to your projects.
  • Go for a walk or exercise and have a goal. This is essential for me. I don’t compromise on this whether in the current year or new year. Exercise of any kind helps me think better and feel better. I’m going to challenge myself this year to try to win one of the ballroom dance competitions for amateurs. That goal has several layers: Not only do I need to practice my dance moves but I also need to be in good shape overall so I need to exercise regularly.
  • Change your state.  Meditate, reflect or be grateful. This is another non-negotiable for me. Keeping things calm and in perspective gives me the power to navigate every day responsibilities or challenges.
  • Experience art. Go to a museum or experience other forms of creative expression. This has always proven to be inspirational for me.
  • Travel. Learn from other cultures and people. Experience the world through other lenses. When you observe and connect with others in different cultures you learn and appreciate the rich ingenuity of humanity. This makes you more open, happier and of course more inspired.

When we are in a relaxed state our brain’s alpha waves work better. Our inspiration from new experiences gives us guidance for new solutions.

May the New Year be enchanting, colorful, filled with new experiences and simply beautiful for you!