industry thoughts from Clarteza

18 October
Mag Retelewski

Bound By Talent

Yeah, the “binder full of women” comment was a bit like a deleted scene from The Simpsons where Mr. Burns (the decrepit boss at the neighborhood nuclear power plant) whispers to his assistant, “Smithers, bring me the binder.” But then it gradually occurred to each of us at Clarteza that, hey, we’re kinda like that binder.  The whole point of the now infamous reference guide is that it was like a well kept secret of trusted talent.  And, to obtain the almighty “three ring” would be like getting a powerhouse or a Dream Team of professionals.

Just think of all of the women that you’ve ever worked with in your career.  Think about it.  Take out those few negative women with personalities you swore you’d never hire or emulate.   Now, imagine a top secret file of professional women you can honestly say you respected for their intellect and strategic vision.  Somehow they had poise in the face of others’ egos and when everyone in the conference call was confused about what was trying to be accomplished, that person confidently brought clarity to the entire discussion.  It’s taken a few years, but at Clarteza, we’ve been accumulating a binder full of the most outstanding women in marketing, research and consulting so that we can help your business make a difference.

For the detailed “binder full of women”, check out our capabilities and experience at under About Us / The Team where you can review bios of some key players.