industry thoughts from Clarteza

06 January
Mag Retelewski

Where are we going in 2014?

This is one of my favorites: You look at the billboard and the boy is saying “Look!” then he stands up and shows an actual airplane in the sky flying over. Then you learn the actual flight number of that aircraft and its destination. Pretty cool, right?

Another amazing interactive advertising with augmented reality. As you can see the excitement is palatable!

A retail giant also found an interesting way of engaging people and creating the buzz. Take a look:

Oh and this one: “Drag him away”. A great awareness creation campaign for an important cause: “Don’t just stand there, do something”.

Similarly to social media revolution few years ago, advertising is becoming highly interactive! It sends brand engagement to a whole new level. It’s fun and exciting. This trend has recently started but will become more popular, no doubt about it! Stay tuned for new ways of getting YOU involved with brands and causes.